Since 1955, established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Corum soughts to create innovative and artistic creations of the highest quality in the watchmaking world. Corum has broken free from the chains of dogmas to take their own interpretation into the crafts of the dial, allowing creativity and boldness to act as guiding principles throughout the process. The Swiss watch brand has undoubtedly left their mark on the history of horology.

Now, more that 60 years later, Corum aims to break the rules of its heritage, while maintaining a deep respect for tradition, in the newest iteration of their popular Admiral watches. This line has always strived to embrace the maritime lifestyle, and the new collection adds a modern twist inspired by today’s navigators, sailors, and anyone who loves the seas. The Admiral collection preserves its characteristic dodecagonal shaped bezel and colorful nautical pennants, while featuring the technical excellence the brand is known for.

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The star of the show is the Admiral 45 watch. This dynamic timepiece sports alternating layers of ultra-light carbon mixed with 18-karat gold glitter and an openworked movement with flying tourbillon escapement developed in-house by Corum. The inclusion of this masterfully crafted mechanism not only provides incredible precision and compensates for the effects gravity tends to have on watches, but honors the sailing lifestyle as well, where precision is necessary to ensure safe navigation of the seas. The Admiral 45 showcases its functionality through its energetic design, which allows for the polished components to be visible through the dial and case back side. The constantly rotating automatic tourbillon escapement is especially captivating when gazed upon.

Worthy of being called works of art, the Admiral Collection delivers true avant-garde timepieces, a dance of stealth, precision, and perfection in all aspects. From the technological and mechanical aspects to the artistic composition of the elements, Corum’s craftsmanship is truly a sight to behold.

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