Our surroundings transform us, we change our behaviour based on our context and the situation. Few ambiences are capable of changing us so drastically as the sea, with its easy-going and relaxing vibe unclenching our bodies. Add on the heightened experience of traversing the sea, and the change is even bigger: vocabulary changes, the manner in which we find our way with the sun and stars crafts a new language of our own. 

Sleek, dynamic, and high-performing, the thrill-seeking Atlantis is a versatile sports cruiser by Azimut Yachts, the Italian design firm famous for creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. It is the ideal vessel to traverse the seas and seek new surroundings to change our lifestyle to the core. 

The smaller scale and compact outline of the exterior hides an unprecedented responsiveness and unparalleled elegance. While apparently petite, the Atlantis offers plenty of space for frolicking. The ship presents two distinct sun zones, one on the astern and one on the bow, equipped with large cushions ideal for staring at the sea sunsets. The main deck is designed to be the most comfortable it can be, an open-air lounge space with a cosy feel. The whole boat boasts a design that balance safety, quality, and cutting-edge performance to perfection. 

As is customary for Azimut, every detail is accounted for and finished in all areas are exquisite. The best materials have been used in styling the exterior and interior decks, allowing for a luxury quality and incomparable comfort. The interior houses a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, allowing to accommodate the whole family and some friends within the ship. Each room has direct view of the ocean through panoramic windows that allow for the most exclusive views in your own personal journey. 

The Azimut ateliers are some of the most advanced in the world. And their approach to naval and interior design is unique. Each hull is exclusively made for each model from scratch, attending the specific needs of each yacht and forgoing easier manufacturing. The Azimut R&D team goes to painstaking lengths to ensure each yacht is not only the safest it can possibly be, but that it also is unmatched in the market and the sea: unconventional silhouettes and surprisingly compact designs create incredible boats, fit for the most discerning gentlemen. The Atlantis presents exceptional structural design, noise reduction around the engines, super light and durable carbon fibre and a composite body that guarantees the safety and enjoyment of the whole family. 

The Atlantis series, with all its innovations and its premium comfort, is the best option for those looking to explore the sea at high speeds and submerged in sporty classiness. Compact, unconventional, and safe, the whole family will make the most of each sail expedition, changing the body and the mind for the better with the ultimate relaxation in the most unique seascapes. 

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