Legend has it that twins Castor and Pollux, sons of the Greek god Zeus (or his Roman counterpart, Jupiter), were tasked with overseeing sailors’ and seafarers’ safety. Their influence in myth is ample, their names being closely tied to the Gemini constellation, which is of great importance even in the modern age. Now, Heesen, the Dutch superyacht brand leader in the industry, brings the 55-metre line, named after the legendary twins: Project Solemates (formerly named Castor), Project Pollux and most recently Project Gemini.

The Gemini is an outstanding ship from prow to stern, spanning 55 meters with a gross tonnage of 760, one of the biggest in its category for maximum luxury and frolicking space for guests. Made from the toughest steel and aluminium, the hull was minutely designed by the Dutch design studio Omega Architects and masterfully crafted by hand by the Heesen technicians and artisans. Primed with epoxy resin, the aluminium and steel surfaces boast singular resistance and durability with a beautiful aspect.

The interior design and overall decoration in the Gemini are the Italian designers Luca Dini’s and Silvia Margutti’s debut with the Dutch brand, while their experience in yachts is plentiful and far reaching. This marks the first time they approached interior design from a speculative standpoint, creating something unique but that is ultimately customizable by the client.

“[We] used materials that lean towards being understated but that have texture. Gemini’s interior is characterized by a geometric design language that creates clearly defined areas that thread throughout the yacht.”

Toasted colours such as almond cream and chocolate line the interior of the quarters, which help create a cosy feeling while accentuating the floor-to-ceiling windows and echoing the natural light that seeps through them. Amber mirrors in the rooms help warm up the ambience and offer an easy transition from night to day, the whole interior illuminated by a mixture of constant natural light and precious lighting fixtures that simulate coral, allowing for a visual delight everywhere one looks. The horizontal lines that compose the interior design’s geometric shapes all lead to the windows which provide panoramic vistas of the marine horizon.

The Master Bedroom is located on the main deck and reaches from beam to beam, making it the most spacious private space within the ship. It enjoys panoramic views at the front of the yacht and features a pair of twin walk-in wardrobes for him and her, which lead to the master bathroom, its freestanding black bathtub in the middle an inviting space for relaxation. The lower deck houses four additional bedrooms for guests, each with their own bathroom and wardrobe. All of them are decorated in toasted tones, marine leather and cloth ceilings.

The shark tooth-shaped prow serves as a fine detail in the exterior design, which houses some of the world’s best amenities. The uppermost deck features a sun deck and a jacuzzi to enjoy the best relaxation while taking in the awe-inducing ocean views. The main sundeck has a 100 square foot space ideal to entertain oneself with the option of laying below the hardtop for some sun coverage. The wheelhouse deck features the bridge deck aft with a dining space to eat al fresco and relish in the bar, while the lower deck allows for direct dipping into the waters and relaxing in the lounge area and the on-board beach club. The beach club encloses a lounge area and a shaded space to create a safe option to relax after coming directly from the water.

Innovative design and cutting-edge technology are the mainstay in the Gemini model. Building upon her sister ships, the Gemini is the cusp of naval architecture and interior design, each detail thought to perfection to help the owner and guests to achieve true relaxation. Each line is made to help the eyes get lost in the horizon. Heesen has exceeded all expectations and once again set the bar for the whole industry with its usual excellence and utmost care for the tiniest details. Traverse the sea at leisure with the impressive 55 metres of the Gemini Yacht and relish in the most exclusive luxury.

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