Strolling across the savannah, a powerful lion roars as the sun sets in the distance. A herd of bulls feeds in tranquillity, grazing peacefully. You sit on a rustic chair, perfectly comfortable as you gaze upon the wondrous animals, the African twilight on the horizon as the grasslands come to life. This scenario is possible at the Kruger Sunset Lodge, a private luxury oasis in the middle of the African landscape.

Built around the concept of non-invasiveness, the lodge features elegant rustic finishes. Raw and untreated wood, natural furniture and sober cemcrete finishes adorn the interior, earthy rock being the main construction element. Natural light is of great importance at the Kruger Lodge, with ample sliding doors all around the complex, allowing for great illumination and panoramic views of the savannah all around the building.

Rustic does not mean simplicity, and while the space is ample, an inherent opulence is breathed throughout the cabin. The great gateway at the entrance stands tall, a sign of the luxury hiding inside, an invitation to explore the safe space within its walls. The single-level residence is accompanied by a pool with varying depths and an elegant charcoal finish which does not disrupt the savannah view.

The whole lodge is available to rent, which allows for a full family vacation or a private escapade. Each room is fully furnished, counts with the best protection against mosquitoes and other critters common in the African savannah, and comes fully equipped with electronics and toiletries. Each room connects directly to its own bathroom with inside and outside showers, giving guests the option of bathing under the African sky at any given time, as well as a stone bath.

Other amenities in this luxury stay location include the lapa, an outside lounge ideal to gaze into nature, and the boma, a conversation pit which lies below ground and features a central firepit. The whole estate is decorated with naturally planted indigenous plants, helping the locale fade into the surroundings, and offering a truly peaceful oasis where worries and hustle dissolve in the distance.

Although quite scary, there is not much that can top the sound of the king of the jungle announcing his presence no more than a few meters away from you. 

The main attraction at the Kruger Sunset Lodge, which promotes a self-cater policy, is, of course, the surrounding wildlife. A secure electric fence encircles the property, allowing for a safe viewing of the famed “Big 5”, meaning lions, rhinos, buffalo, elephants and leopards, animals endemic to Africa. While leopards have only been sighted on a couple of occasions on the property, the former four giants wander freely around the lodge, a mere 30 meters separating the human and animal worlds. Lions roar in the quiet of night, elephants herd across the fields next to the cabin, buffalos graze peacefully while guests enjoy their favourite drink on the roof deck. The Kruger National Park, where the lodge is located, and the Mjejane Game Reserve, a few minutes away, offer wildlife safari experiences in three modalities: a full day trip, morning, and evening routes. During these drives one can closely observe plains animals and predators in their natural habitats, and enjoy a rare connection to nature, unavailable anywhere else in the world.

While rustic and natural elements are the mainstay at the Kruger Lodge, luxury and modernity are main concerns too. The whole lodge is equipped with the latest technology, daily housekeeping is provided, as well as BBQ gas, running water and toiletries. The lodge’s location is privileged, right in the middle of the wild savannah but also near restaurants and malls, within a 20 kilometre radius, supplies and comforts readily available at any given moment.

The Kruger Sunset Lodge welcomes you to experience a natural escapade and delve into luxury, far away from all human interaction. Come in contact with wondrous animals and let your soul be nourished amidst the savannah flora and fauna. Experience South Africa in a truly unique way and allow your spirit to be revitalized with the thunderous roar of the lion.

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