Marquetry is the fine art of placing wooden panels of different size and shape in patterns so as to create a beautiful, mosaic-like finish. This ancient tradition and art form has been specially perfected in the Middle East and northern Africa, where it takes a special place in decoration and space building. Its presence within the Royal Mansour Marrakech serves as a sort of fractal, as the many different types panels of precious wood echo the many different types of luxury found in this remarkable hotel.

A midpoint between a royal palace and a medina, the Royal Mansour Marrakech features a myriad of private inner courtyards and 53 private rooms, called riads, which offer a quiet and ultimately pleasurable experience. Nature is ever-present inside the medina as is Moroccan tradition, with olive trees over a century old lining the outer street, orange trees lining the Spa, pomegranate trees outside the restaurants and young olive trees in the main courtyard; landscape artist Luis Vallejo made sure to pay respect to Morocco’s agricultural community and environment, while keeping guest pleasure always in mind. Visually, bougainvillea and carnations fill the area with vivid colours, while seasonal smells flood the senses: from orange flower to honeysuckle, all the private courtyards, a mainstay in Moroccan tradition, are a peaceful haven for guests, with only the quiet murmur of water from the many fountains to accompany a constant birdsong.

Each riad is a special, private place for each visitor. They are all individually furnished by Moroccan craftsmen and artists, each room a showcase of the diverse Moroccan decorative arts. Prime fabrics and furniture create a welcoming aura for each riad and complement the cutting-edge technology in every room: touchscreen controls and retractable roofs for the private courtyards and smart air-conditioning just some of the tools at the guest’s disposal. Privacy is of utmost importance for the Royal Mansour, with each riad having its own courtyard, private terrace, fireplace, plunge pool and an individual space for hammam treatments. Additionally, all hotel staff make use of underground tunnels to be extremely discreet and efficient, allowing for a truly private and attentive service for the medina’s visitors.

Amenities are never-ending within the Mansour. Indulge in the very best of spa treatments in the region inside some of the most luxurious and beautifully decorated spaces in northern Africa: the Spa Royal Mansour, entered by a cage-like atrium surrounded by whitewashed iron, offers a wide arrange of facial treatments, hydrotherapy, body wraps and hammam treatments. On the ground floor, enjoy the Watsu pool, two hammams, and service from La Table, one of the hotel’s restaurants. Hair salon, manicure and pedicure treatments are available on private bins, while a sports and fitness area are available, as well as a Spa boutique selling the best of self care products. All spa treatments make use of high-quality products including the marocMaroc line, Sisley and Léonor Greyl products. All treatments are catered personally to each guest, the spa staff offering a custom-made regime that often includes exercise, diet, lifestyle, and body-care routines. Guests are also welcomed to indulge at the hands of the master podiatrist and foot virtuoso Bastien Gonzalez, who masterfully combines medicine, aesthetics, and well-being. All products used throughout the spa are available for purchase at the Spa boutique, readily available so guests can continue treatment back at home. Some suites also offer a private space for treatments to be applied directly in the riad, allowing visitors to be pampered while gazing at Marrakech’s beautiful environment.

Another hidden gem inside the Royal Mansour Marrakech are its multiple restaurants, which offer a wide array of culinary options, catered to anyone’s taste. Curated by famed chef Yannick Alléno, who firmly believes in variety is key in an enjoyable culinary experience. La Grande Table Marocaine takes Moroccan food and tradition to create a contemporary experience that stands as the country’s best gastronomical reference. At the Sesamo Italian fusion cuisine is available, with traditional Italian ingredients locally grown providing a uniquely Moroccan twist to the traditional recipes. Leading the Sesamo, chefs Massimiliano and Raffaele Alajmo, who gather an outstanding 5 Michelin Stars across their 8 restaurants, offer a unique experience in Morocco.  La Table, the staple restaurant at the Royal Mansour, offers light meals with well-balanced ingredients on the simpler side of cuisine. Complement with natural juices, salads, and pasta preparations for the perfect meal. Finally, Le Jardin features 60 new recipes inspired by cuisines the world over. Created by Alléno, the dishes showcase the chef’s innovative ways of sourcing the ingredients, handling them, and cooking them, marrying raw, cooked, sweet, and savoury into one. All the restaurants are decorated with exquisite taste and match a different mood, allowing guests to fully delve into their culinary experience as a whole sensory journey. Dinners at each riad are also available, even allowing guests to create a unique culinary experience of their own.

Experiences are never over at the Royal Mansour. The Bar, full of silver motifs and lined with rose-gold mirror make for a relaxing ambience with a private vibe. This easy going and relaxing nature oozes into the Chimney Lounge, a special space to gaze into the crackling logs that sit on the transparent chimney and into the garden. A cigar bar covered in sycamore and mother-of-pearl offers an apt space to enjoy a cognac and a precious cigar from a selection on display in this lounge. The library, a quiet place full of knowledge and wonders, is readily available to guests looking for a bit of solitude while staring upon the Marrakech skyline.

Winning 5 stars in the Forbes Travel Guide and named the Best Spa Destination and Best Hotel Spa in Morocco; and the Best Hotel in Africa by Haute Grandeur Awards and Villegiature Awards respectively, the Royal Mansour Marrakech is a prime destination for the most exquisite traveller. Delve into the Moroccan history and culture, the international cuisine and the very best selfcare experiences, enjoy a private escapade and relish the finest forms of art in this unique locale. 

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