When traveling one might usually think of tropical resorts neighboring the sea to unwind and escape the daily commute, however, this time we will look towards a most impressive region. Found in the southernmost country in the world, Chile, the Atacama Desert is the largest and driest desert in the world, where the luxurious Nayara Alto Atacama hotel guards the gateway into this dramatic and secluded zone.

It is among this barren yet beautiful terrain where one can truly connect with the earth and rocky landscape. Situated in an oasis 2,500 metres above sea level, the Nayara Alto Atacama seeks to provide an authentic, warm and extraordinary service influenced by Chilean cultural richness and local traditions. The adobe rooms and suites are designed with clean lines and natural materials to create a raw aesthetic that allows the uninterrupted desert views and mountain ranges to be the stars of the experience. The deep roofs provide the ideal temperatures and illumination throughout the whole day, and the complementing ornaments range from handwoven throws to macrame hangings, presenting subtle cultural touches to the experience.

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One might wonder what makes the Atacama Desert so special, so the Nayara Alto Atacama offers various programs to satisfy the adventurous souls of their guests whether they seek challenging bike rides and relaxing walks. Some of the desert’s main landmarks include the Salar of Atacama, a stunning mountain range and salt lagoon populated by flamingos, and Valle de la Luna, “Moon Valley”, home to interesting stone and sand formations full of a wide range of colors and textures resembling the surface of the moon. If our curiosity reaches towards the sky, Atacama is famous for its lack of artificial light pollution, making it one of the best places for stargazing on Earth, as so, the hotel provides a viewpoint with a professional telescope and expert guides.

One must not forget about the culinary journey Nayara Alto Atacama has in store. The Ckelar Restaurant bases their menu on the traditional ingredients – corn, wheat and meat – combined with vegetables from their own Andean Garden and paired with their collection of the best local wines. Their outdoor barbecue pavilion, “Quincho” specializes in different cuts of meat, corn, and potatoes as per the traditional cooking technique “Asado”. Their intimate bar, “Bar Puri” offers a wide array of freshly squeezed juices related to their spa therapies that provide a revitalizing sensation. It matters not where you choose to embark on your dining experience, you are sure to be delighted with sophisticated techniques and delicious flavours.

Nayara Alto Atacama offers a holistic journey as well at their Puri Spa, where the various treatments make use of sounds, aromas, and local artisanal, organic products. Water is the central focus of the experiences, as the most prized element of the desert, and the Puri Spa takes you on a trip around their pools, steam, and relaxation rooms. Be it relaxing, boosting circulation, or toning the skin, the extensive collection of experiences provides something for anyone along with privileged views of the landscape.

Let yourself be engulfed in this alluring oasis, a safe space to disconnect from daily routines and fully enjoy the surroundings. Relish in the heartfelt hospitality the team excels at and allow yourself to delight in the revitalizing energy this wonderful desert landscape has to offer at the luxurious Nayara Alto Atacama.

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