Throughout the ages, the human race has aimed to create, to go beyond what has been done and be the better version of ourselves we can be. We are inspired by thoughts, by stories, and even hopes and dreams, and it is the collection of all these sources of inspiration that make up the soul of Feadship, the Dutch superyacht brand, leading designers and builders of high-end luxury yachts.

Since 1949, Feadship has always strived for perfection, for it is this pursuit of the impossible that drives them to keep creating, innovating, and pushing themselves to achieve the incredible. This philosophy can be perceived in each of their creations, where their passion allows each of their superyachts to be better than the last. This discipline has taken them to launch their latest asset: Project 2024.

Project 2024 is a unique opportunity designed specially for a new generation of yacht owners who wish to experience their escapades in full Feadship comfort and luxury without being closely involved in the complex technical aspects of a blank canvas. This permits for the construction timeframe of a superyacht to be greatly reduced, as the core engineering, naval architecture and propulsion have been taken care of beforehand and a completed Feadship can be ready for delivery in time for the 2024 summer season.

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Project 2024 involves a 72.60-metre blueprint in partnership with Nauta Design, experts in providing close proximity to the sea within a seamless design. The timeless exterior is enhanced by the use of clean shapes and lines and maximizes visibility and connection to the seas through its large windows. Probably its best feature includes foldout side wings, offering an eighty percent increase in surface area, creating a spectacular pleasure island. The private spaces are another alluring aspect, where the owner’s experience is prioritized, sporting a spacious master suite with walk-in wardrobes and bathrooms and an interconnected lounge area with a balcony, which in turn has a seamless connection to an outdoor area free from crew zones.

Besides the wide variety of spaces designed to maximize relaxation and comfort, such as steam showers and sauna in the wellness area, there are countless options which allow the clients to fully personalize their superyacht as they so desire. The entire interior style can be tailored to their liking, a helicopter platform can be added, and even the propulsion package can be fashioned in terms of speed and energy consumption.

Feadship’s unending search for perfection brings their clients’ desires to life. Their focus on experience rather than budget demands the very best from these expert builders, and Project 2024 allows these dreams to be fulfilled sooner than ever. Relish in the luxury and comfort the brand excels at, for this attention to the client’s wants and needs are what differences a yacht from a Feadship.

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