Hidden away between two of Norway’s longest rivers, a gem in the full extent of the word awaits travelers. Crafted from a minimalist view shared by partners Jeremy and Erle, the WonderInn Mirrored Glass Cabin welcomes visitors who wish to escape the world and lose themselves in a forest fantasy for a while.

The reflective sides of the cabin offer uninterrupted, 180-degree views of the surrounding woods while also blending in perfectly with the environment, allowing guests to fully immerse in the woodland ambience both inside and outside the cottage. The masterful interior design brings forth a homey feeling, while the outdoors jacuzzi and fire pit overlook the river delta, providing unmatched views of the Nordre Øyeren reserve, a natural paradise located just a short ride away from Oslo.

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Minimalism guided the design and conception of WonderInn, following Jeremy and Erle’s philosophy that experiences and not material possessions are the most important part of a fulfilled life. Luxury is no stranger to this philosophy, though. Elegantly equipped with a bathroom, a kitchenette and premium Scandinavian furniture, the cabin has everything you may need to relax and enjoy. The WonderInn team makes sure you are not missing a single thing, ensuring your stay and check-in is as smooth as can be. An annex provides extra accommodation space for up to two additional guests, making this into an ideal place for a small-group escapade.

“The core of the concept is to offer small architectural gems that inspire and draw people out into nature.”

An idyllic space built with your comfort in mind, the WonderInn Mirrored Glass Cabin is a dreamlike location for travelers to lose themselves into the natural marvels of Norway without missing out on Oslo’s attractions. Find yourself in the reflection of Norway’s forests and discover a new way of looking at luxury at WonderInn.

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