Colour, a fundamental quality that allows us to understand and appreciate our environment. The world’s most astounding animals, places and cities are full of vibrant colour, all with an entrancing aura that draws the eyes and the soul. While the world of luxury and lifestyle is often muted and discreet, elegance and subtlety misunderstood for a lack of vibrance, the most exquisite products and experiences are teeming with colour and a variety of hues. In this same vein, Lürssen, the German superyacht brand, brings Madsummer, a first in yacht design in more than one aspect.

In order to comply with the owner’s wishes, originating from his love of yachting, Lürssen collaborated with Eidsgaard Design and Laura Sessa, the former penning the exterior lines, and the later decorating the interior, filling it to the brim with personality. The hull is a mix of elegant curves that lend the yacht a truly timeless feeling, creating the illusion of a pointed arrow soaring through the sea. The sundeck, the exterior pool and the heliport fit nicely into the general silhouette, creating an unpretentious husk for what is one of the most distinguished interiors found in any existing superyacht.

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“The owner’s brief was demanding, however, we believe our engineering expertise has surpassed his wishes to own a yacht that many years from now will be timeless and yet still ahead of its time.”

Bright reds, whites and blues adorn every corner of the interior, alternating between the utmost luxury and fun touches to create a beautiful, light-hearted space. The main salon boasts patriotic colour with a soft royal blue silk carpet, geometric patterns on the walls that hide the storage handles, and the central piece, a 14-people dining table made from layers of coloured lacquer, finished in a white layer, scored off to reveal the colours beneath, shines as an eye-catching beacon. Art and vibrance are paramount for the owner, who asked to incorporate an important date for him into the room’s design in the shape of an art piece.

The Madsummer houses 10 cabins, divided into four doubles and two twins, each with its own colour scheme. The doubles feature red, turquoise, beige and royal blue, while the twins are green and navy blue, with lacquered sycamore doors and silk carpets, even carrying the colour palette to the bathrooms and the loo seats with hand-dyed mother of pearl and Calacatta marble. The upper deck houses three guest cabins, a double, and two matching VIP rooms. Nautical themes and blue and burnt orange sprawl all over the suites, adorned with accent wood laminated in bronze.

As for the amenities, a cinema room overlooks the bow, with seats complete with steel trays for food and drink. This room is also an engineering first, with floor-to-ceiling windows with switchblade glass. Outside, a sofa and a sunpad await in the foredeck.

The upper deck features the bar, stunningly backlit and made in white alabaster, and the informal exterior dinning room, surrounded by glass windbreakers. The bridge deck curiously contains the master suite, a specific request by the owner, who, as a fan of yachting, wants to spend as much time as possible on the main bridge. The suite is covered in white tinted oak, finished in blue luminous resin, and two hallways lead to the twin his-and-hers wardrobe rooms and bathrooms. The master suite enjoys privileged sea views, pairing with the homely feeling that prevails throughout the yacht, conceived as a family space.

The gym, a dancefloor that doubles as a storage space for a Husky seaplane, a bar, sun pads and a Jacuzzi can be found in the sundeck. An impressive 9-metre pool and Jacuzzi lies on the main deck, surrounded by sunpads and sofas. The lower deck hides the spa and wellness retreat, a bar and a circular day bed, an ice shower, a Hammam and a sun shower.

The whole yacht is designed to have an easy flow between the inside and the outside and between each room. From a technical and design standpoint, Madsummer is also a first in many aspects. A special 125kW, lithium-ion battery ensures the generators always run on the best percentage, burning fuel efficiently and storing excess energy, making the yacht into a technical wonder. This develops into an impressive 6000 nautical mile range at 12 knots and a top speed of 17 knots. 

The yacht also has tender garages able to house an 11-metre Maori Yacht, a Ski Nautique, a 10-metre rib and a rescue tender. Stored here one can find PWCs, skis, boards and dive equipment. The space is not reserved for technical wonders: a 29-person crew can be housed at any time, complete with spa professionals and dive masters, in addition to guests.

A technical wonder, a superyacht first and an adequate balance between elegant luxury and colourful fun, Madsummer is a joyous celebration of capability and levity. A demanding brief, an engineering and design process unlike any in the world, and a vibrant selection of patriotic colours, the Madsummer is a yacht sure to impress. Set to tour the world and the Pacific shortly, this superyacht serves as proof of Lürssen’s feats in the industry and their commitment to true luxury.

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