Limits. How far can we go, as a species, as individuals? Were the skies never meant to be soared? Were the seas never meant to be conquered? Is there a true limit to human capability, to innovation? How far can luxury reach?

These are questions that often drive our passions, they help us discover how far we can go and what limits we can break. Such is the motive behind Jumeirah Group’s operations, leading luxury hospitality in eight countries with its 24 properties. At the forefront, their flagship hotel: the Burj Al Arab, an outstanding monument to innovation, opulence, and excellence.

Much has been said about the Tower of the Arab, some media even going as far as calling it a “seven-star hotel”, just to exemplify its unprecedented and off-the-charts luxury. While this name may not be the most accurate, it’s safe to say it describes what the Burj Al Arab stands for: limitless luxury in every conceivable way.

Built atop an artificial island, this giant of architecture is a symbol of conquering impossibilities from the ground up. Standing at 321 metres tall, this is one of Dubai’s most iconic and recognizable silhouettes. Inspired by a boat’s sail, the glass exterior glitters in unison with the Arabian Gulf.

The Burj Al Arab hoses 202 rooms, each one an ode to luxury and elegance in itself. The smallest of the rooms spans a whole 170 square metres, and the largest takes up 760 square metres. All suites include world-class butler service, 24-hour concierge, unlimited access to The Terrace, spa, private beach, Summersalt Beach Cub, and Wild Wadi Waterpark, a private living room, jacuzzi, rain shower, an in-room iMac, widescreen HD TVs, and fully remote-controlled amenities including TV, music, lights, curtains, and printer. The younger guests also enjoy access to the Burj Al Arab Kids Club, where different activities are available for them. Depending on the room, Hermès amenities, his and hers toiletries and children amenities are also available, as well as different bed configurations. The higher-rated rooms also include a private dining room, buffet services and private staff entrances and butler kitchen. All rooms are also ready to accommodate each guest’s needs and preferences with a wide range of pillows, Egyptian cotton linen and personalized beds to suit sleeping postures.

Each room was originally decorated by Khuan Chew, Chinese designer educated in England. She planned the whole interior design and ultimately achieved finishes that reflect the essence of the hotel. Gold leaf, marble and velvet prevail throughout the hotel, every nook and cranny oozing sheer luxury.

A grand total of nine dining locales are available at the Burj Al Arab, each with its own cuisine style and unique characteristics. The Sahn Eddar offers international cuisine ideal for lunch and tea, the Al Iwan prepares the regional Arabic dishes that are a staple in the region for the whole family. The Bab Al Yam, which boasts several accolades, offers European and Middle Eastern flavours in an open kitchen format overlooking the beautiful Persian Gulf, while the Junsui serves an East Asian feast under a beautiful Swarovski crystal dome. The Gold on 27, glittering through and through, presents guests with a bar experience without parallel overlooking the Dubai skyline, with advanced mixology and gastro options, while the Skyview Bar & Restaurant allows for scenic views in a discrete ambience.

The crown jewels are, without a doubt, the Al Mahara and the Al Muntaha stand as the most unique dining locales at the Burj al Arab. The former is an engineering feat culminating in outstanding views: the underwater dining room lets guests watch magnificent sea life up close while they enjoy premium dishes by some of the world’s most acclaimed fine-dining chefs. The latter, Al Muntaha, is an intimate setting for tasting fine cuisine while enjoying the best views of Dubai and the Arabian Gulf.

Of course, no luxury stay is complete without the finest spa and wellness options. The Burj Al Arab Talise Spa sits 150 metres above the Arabian Gulf and takes relaxation to the next level with a huge amount of treatments at the guests’ disposal. Massages, rejuvenating treatments, lifting and scrubs are all available within the Spa’s facilities, which are some of the most beautifully decorated within the Burj al Arab. The Talise Fitness Centre offers distinct classes and personal training to help guests keep their wellness goals while they stay at the Burj al Arab. Some of the classes include yoga, circuit, core training and total body workouts.

Your stay at the Burj Al Arab is covered from the moment you land in Dubai, and the hotel offers options to move around the city. Book the airport pick up service and ride on a cutting-edge Rolls Royce, rent one of the hotel’s Aston Martin, Ferrari or Lamborghini vehicles to traverse the city, or sit back and relax while your personal chauffeur drives one of the hotel’s Rolls Royce or BMW automobiles. Transportation options don’t end there: the Burj Al Arab offers the opportunity to relish in the Arabic Gulf with its Yacht Charter service. Each private yacht is available for rent and counts with spa facilities, ample cabins and a team of onboard hospitality experts tot take care of your every need.

Since its grand opening in 1999, the Burj Al Arab has been a referent in world-class hospitality. An icon of Dubai for its renowned architecture, luxurious decoration and accommodating prowess, any stay at the Burj Al Arab is sure to be an unforgettable one. Prepare yourself for a world of luxury and commodity as you’ve never before experienced and let the experts at Jumeirah Group take care of your next vacation.

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