Conventions keep us tethered to the ground; they maintain us static in our position. It is the people who dare to dream that break these conventions, they propel humanity forward and have allowed us to traverse the sky and the sea, realms inherently unnatural to humans. These unconventional men set unconventional paths that lead to the ultimate goal: unconventional perfection. For those who want to set an example and delve into these unexplored trails, Azimut Yachts presents the Magellano 25Metri, the epitome of unconventional perfection at sea.

Conceived as the brainchild of architect Vincenzo De Cotiis and designer Ken Freivokh, the Magellano boasts a unique design both inside and out. It echoes the sea and its wonders from one end to the other. Lines and finishes imitate the composure of waves and the rhythm of the ocean.  The outside, masterfully designed by Freivokh, creates a seamless unity with the surrounding water. The interior, designed by De Cotiis, greets our gaze with cool blues and wavy curves similar to the roaring waves.

The 25-meter long luxury yacht is made to be a privileged vantage point anywhere on the sea, it is built for long term trips and accommodates the whole family. Its 25.22 meter long hull is covered in mirror surfaces and boasts flowing, uninterrupted curving lines. These create a continuous path for our eyes to follow, along with a myriad of optical illusions by reflecting and refracting the waves all around it. The main deck boasts the salon, surrounded by windows in its entirety, providing an unparalleled 360° view of the dreamscape around us. The whole exterior design is meant to evoke a feeling of endlessness, mirrors hiding the end of the forward bulkhead and lines flowing unimpeded. The whole yacht is made to work effortlessly with natural light, the mirrors and ample windows allow the sun rays to illuminate all the compound. Additionally, the unique disposition of quarters designed by Freivokh for this edition of the Magellano line provide extreme privacy for the owner, as crew quarters are accessed directly from the galley, and the inner and outer wheelhouses are directly connected, which also facilitates the work of the captain and crew members. This state-of-the-art exterior design favours timelessness, classic nautical concepts and cutting edge technology come together to create this luxurious yacht that stands on a league of its own.

Of course no experience traveling the oceans would be complete without the most comfortable and outstanding facilities. The interior, designed by De Cotiis Architects, under the direction of Vicenzo De Cotiis, greets us with unexpected materials and elevated luxury. Most decorative and functional elements are done in glass fibre, an uncommon choice in the high-end world. However, De Cotiis explains, the material itself is not what’s important, but how it is used and finished. Artful techniques and depth are applied to the fiberglass used in the Magellano 25 Metri, a staple in De Cotiis’ designs. Some elements are coated by hand in shimmering bronze powder whilst all pieces acquire an unconventional beauty.  

“It has an aspect that becomes precious once you work it in a particular way, buffing it, giving it some thickness, a density, nuance of colour. It becomes precious, even more precious than other materials, because the final appearance is so surprising.”

The form echoes the waves, repeating patterns and curved lines bring the watery outside through the windows and into the living spaces. This concept is further elaborated on with the colour palette chosen for this project. Deep greens and blues along with pale whites envelop us as we stride through the common areas and the private quarters. Details in brass and bronze sparkle here and there, serving as visual accents that really elevate the whole experience. The common nautical themes such as windows and decks come together with the chairs, seats and surfaces, deeply inspired in the water itself, to create a timeless space en par with the shining exterior.

Azimut prides itself in being one of the world’s most prestigious and avant-garde yacht brands in the world. The Magellano line was conceived as a completely new concept: high Italian design crossing over with nautical elegance. The Magellano 25 Metri encapsulates this whole philosophy with its fussing of luxury and interior and exterior design as a single unit. This yacht embodies the quintessential spirit of seafaring life. “The most photographed boat ever”, as put by Azimut’s own Giovanna Vitelli, is the perfect acquisition for the true gentleman with a  free spirit, willing to destroy all conventions and set a path of his own for the world to follow. 

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