Located on the iconic Presidente Masaryk Avenue in Polanco, one of Mexico City’s most affluent areas, is a watch shop by the name of Peyrelongue. Many beauteous watches and accessories from the world’s most renowned brands line its counters, all glistening under the light of their jewel boxes.  In most of the showcases, the newest models of every house are carefully displayed, put in just the right angle for the light to catch the best of their finely-made details. If you move, however, to the back of the store, you will come upon a different variety of watches, one that speaks of time and legacy.

Thanks to Peyrelongue’s certified preowned watches programme, the timeless showcases a series of treasures that would otherwise be incredibly hard to find. Collection pieces from years past and incredibly coveted jewels stand behind the glass panelling from time to time, when some distracted former owner decides to trade them for a newer, shinier piece. For those who have been on the prowl for a specific rarity, however, the Timeless is a case of wonders worth paying a visit every once in a while.  Be it a hard to find classic, a sentimental piece or a rare treasure, do not hesitate – you never know what you may come upon when you face the Timeless by Peyrelongue.

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