The best brands in the world are always a step ahead from others. This also means to keep their legacy in mind, a concept never as important as in the modern, ephemeral world. As such, LOUIS XIII, in keeping with their century-forward mentality, present THE DROP, a new edition of their classic cognac designed for the future generations. 

THE DROP contains 1 cl of LOUIS XIII cognac, selected by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau, this edition has all one needs to get the full LOUIS XIII experience. Designed to be portable, the small decanter is a spontaneous moment of pleasure for the senses. 

In total, 5 editions of THE DROP are available, each representing a different state of mind. Loud, Glow, Bold, Smooth and Bright are the five emotions evoked through the different editions, inviting the customers to appropriate them through their slogan #MakeItYours. Additionally, each decanter can be paired with interchangeable shoulder straps to further enhance customization and relatability. 

A complete expressive, eternal, dynamic and spontaneous experience, THE DROP is aimed towards the future younger generations, the ones that embrace their tribes and their feelings, bringing the LOUIS XIII luxury and elegance into the future. 

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