Prophecies and promises often guide the efforts of visionaries in the making of their masterworks. Such is the case for Rolls-Royce’s latest venture, the very first fully-electric motor car, derived from two key moments in the marque’s history. First, Charles Rolls, the marque’s co-founder,  prophesied the electric future of automobiles as a clean and more efficient alternative. Then, current CEO Torsten Müller promised Rolls-Royce would deliver their first fully electric car within the 2020 decade. In 2021, the stage was set for such a. feat, and now, in 2022, the Spectre is ready to be unveiled. 

Crafted from the marque’s most innovative Bespoke frame, the Spectre features a masterful use of the Architecture of Luxury all-aluminium frame, combined with the digital innovation that comprises the Decentralised Intelligence environment, which controls all the car’s functions, to create an automobile unlike any seen before. The frame is the evolution of Rolls-Royce previous models, with efficiency in mind, while the Decentralised Intelligence is the convergence of multiple human intellects at work, developed to control the Spectre’s unique systems. 

Design-wise, the inspirations are rich and varied, taking from modern yacht design, specifically the lines and silhouettes. As such, the whole vehicle is a seamless, fluid piece that guides the gaze through its beautiful body. The steep front eases the eye rearward, and the lower line borrows from yachting by reflecting the roads beneath. The backside is surely the most dramatic feature, with a seamless surface that also contributes to the vehicle’s greatly diminished drag. The grille on the front is the widest ever fitted on a Rolls-Royce, and each of the vanes is backlit by a series of LED lights that contribute to the Spectre’s ethereal look. 

The interior is a masterpiece on its own, with the iconic starlight ceiling extended to starlight doors, housing over 4700 stars that softly illuminate the interior. The illuminated fascia features the Spectre nameplate with over 5500 stars, and the traditional timepiece included with Rolls-Royce motor cars takes a step back in favour of the SPIRIT, a special timepiece designed to control the car’s functions via the Whisper application. 

The achievement of creating a super luxury, super spacious and super efficient electrical motorcar is not an easy one. This goal had to be postponed for decades until the electric technology was at a sufficient stage that it could accommodate the Rolls-Royce experience in full. The Spectre, thus, does not compromise any aspect of the usual Rolls-Royce luxury experience, and is another step towards a more efficient, cleaner future.

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