Very much like a clock’s second hand, time does not stop. It advances, implacable, carving mysterious paths in the future, and, suddenly, the world changes its shape right before our eyes. In an ever-changing reality such as ours, staying avant-garde is fundamental. This March, TAG Heuer, whose creations are synonymous with luxury and adventure, introduced its newest design: the TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma, a piece that is a look into the future. 

Presented during the last Watches and Wonders, the Carrera Plasma is a delight to the eyes. With the classical Carrera design line, a strong silhouette, and elegantly cut, the Carrera Plasma integrates a glistening advance to its manufacture: lab-grown diamonds.  The face is made of a series of polycrystalline diamonds that create incredible gleams, all while appearing like a single piece of diamond. The indexes are white gold, with a custom-cut diamond each, and a double index at 12 o’clock, and the hands are plated in matte black rhodium. The box is 44mm of anodized aluminium and a beauteous polished black ceramic bezel, set in custom-made diamonds, and a diamond crown at 3 o’clock.  An elegant black leather strap with a titanium clasp finishes this jewel and contributes to the stark contrast that characterizes it. 

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The movement was specifically designed for the Carrera Plasma: the H02 Tourbillon Nanograph is a hand-finished special edition, with 65 running hours and a beautiful, partially skeletonized design that can be appreciated in the back of the case. However, this movement’s main star is the carbon spiral. Made in the same way as the diamonds, this spiral is exceptionally resistant to damage, as well as stable and antimagnetic. What is more, its refined geometry confers it with excellent chronometrical performance, much superior to metal spirals. 

Due to its highly experimental character, the Carrera Plasma production will be incredibly limited to less than a dozen. A watch that breaks with the standards for luxury and redefines it as an amalgam of technique and innovation, this new way of manipulating materials is the future of watchmaking. An infinite world of possibilities awaits on the horizon: the TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma is only the first step towards it. 

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