Argentina is well known for many good and great things – its vast sceneries, the perfection of its meat cuts, beautiful cities and excellent athletes that set their nation’s name high before the world. The mere mention of an Argentinian athlete in any discipline is worth noting: these people’s passion has earned them a place amongst the greatest sportsmen in the world, and, in the case of golf, there is no exception.

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Born in Resistencia, Argentina, Emiliano Grillo first held a golf club when he was only five years old and grew up playing in the Chaco Golf Club’s field. At 16, he moved to the United States to attend the IMG Academy, and only a year later earned himself the Bryan Nelson International Junior Golf Award. Ever since then he has not ceased to delight the international scene: 2015 saw him as the winner of the Open of the PGA Tour, and he later represented Argentina in the 2016 Olympics at Rio de Janeiro. In 2017 he was invited to participate in the Presidents Cup and was awarded a Platinum Konex for his trajectory in 2020. This year he is amongst the best 100 golf players in the 2022 official golf ranking and promises great achievements both in his personal life and in his sports career.

One of Latin America’s best golf players, Emiliano Grillo is one who incarnates Argentina’s passion in the world of sports. With a successful career and great ambition in the field, this young golf star will continue to shine with great intensity.

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