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This November 2nd, on the year of Gucci’s hundredth anniversary, Alessandro Michele surprised us with his new collection: “Gucci Love Parade”, a marvellous open-air spectacle that took place at no less than the iconic Hollywood Boulevard.

A symbol of luxury by excellence, Hollywood has inspired an infinity of artists ever since its golden years, and Michele is not an exception. “Gucci Love Parade” is a love letter itself, dedicated to Michele’s childhood in Rome and his mother’s, a cinema industry worker, wondrous tales. She told of a world of resplendence, an earthly Olympus teeming with terrestrial deities, forever walking between the realms of dream and reality, and reachable at the sight of a screen. Michele was soon made an adept of the cult of beauty, and thus imbued with the gift of dreaming and the mythopoetical aura of the Seventh Art.

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A tribute to love in its many shapes, Love Parade brings back iconic looks from Hollywood movies and its gleaming stars, featuring dashing designs inspired by the garments that marked the fashion industry. This collection narrates the birth of an artist and gives us a glimpse of the golden wish that inspired one of our times’ greatest creative minds. Gucci Love Parade is, undoubtedly, a collection fit for stellar deities.

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