One of the main ornithological reserves of Europe is located between Alicante and Valencia, bathed in the sun 330 days a year. A privileged space in between earth and sea, the Serra Gelada Natural Park is neighbour to one of the most recognized wellness centres in the world. SHA Spain rises with a Mediterranean style that coexists with the mountainscape, with around 3 hectares of nature in the middle of ideal places to practice hiking, cycling, diving, sailing, horse riding and golf.

SHA Spain was born with the personal experience of D. Alfredo Parietti, who suffered from health problems which impacted his quality of life. Determined to change, with the aid of doctors who are experts in nutrition and integrative medicine, his health was restored with the proper nourishment and change of habits. With this philosophy, summarized in the mission of helping people live longer and better with a global and integrative approach to health, SHA is founded, a benchmark in well-being.

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The SHA method focuses on finding solutions through scientific medicine and millennial knowledge of natural therapies, nutrition, and change of habits. With Healthy Nutrition, SHA seeks to create personalized diets for each person, solving their needs and transforming sustenance in the main treatment to heal and prevent ailments. Its nutrition program is based on the recommendations given by the World Health Organization and leading universities in the field, such as Harvard Medical School and Cornell University’s Division of Nutritional Sciences.

The power of nature is undeniable, and the natural therapies SHA offers are designed to enhance our organism’s innate regulatory power. Maintaining this state of well-being is essential, and part of it is reflected in the Healthy Living Academy, which aims to provide tools to enjoy long-lasting wellness. These practices, habits, and nourishment permit the fighting and halting of effects brought on by premature aging and allow the enjoyment of a better quality of life constantly.

The innovation of SHA allows their Unit of Revitalizing Medicine offers ozone therapy, serum therapy, revitalizing intramuscular treatment and cell analysis procedures. Additionally, various services are provided, such as non-invasive aesthetic medicine, state-of-the-art exercise machinery, and regenerative medicine to treat diseases from the body itself with cell therapy, genetics, tissue engineering, and a Cryopreservation service, as well as a service of cognitive simulation which helps prevent certain neurodegenerative diseases.

The relationship with the environment and spirit cannot be cast aside, so SHA’s natural locality, as well as its mindfulness, yoga, pilates, coaching and psychotherapy programs, aid in maintaining an integral well-being that is lived and breathed all over the place.

With a future expansion to Mexico and the United Arab Emirates, the SHA Foundation, which devotes itself to promoting health and nutrition research and outreach, SHA sets itself as a global benchmark in wellness and health. With an idyllic landscape and varied cutting-edge and ancestral treatments, SHA marks a before and after in the lives of its visitors.

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