Gliding over the Côte d’Azur, atop a cape blessed by the sun and the waves, Monaco is a small country of reverie: heaped with buildings of unparalleled beauty, in the horizon the Mediterranean blue goes on towards the heavens. Amidst this glittering shrine of elegance and freshness, there is nothing more appropriate than the purest Mediterranean style, and Sabrina Monte Carlo specializes in making it one with luxury.

The interior design studio was founded in 1999 by the famed designer Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino, and is now a family business run by Sabrina, her sister Sophie, and her daughters Carla and Manola. Along an interdisciplinary team that ranges from graphic designers to naval architects, they are all experts in creating contemporary, exclusive and vibrant spaces. Their main inspiration comes from the Mediterranean lifestyle, though on their portfolio you’ll find a great variety of projects that range from villas at the French Riviera, Louis XV apartments in Paris and rustic chalets in the Swiss Alps, to magnificent palaces in the Middle East, luxury yachts and private jets.

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Despite the studio’s impressive versatility, you’ll always identify their signature style in their creations: unique artworks and an exquisite taste in colour make Sabrina Monte Carlo’s works into authentic visual delights. The firm has established itself as synonymous with luxury and exclusivity, and it even has its own Atelier, a fine boutique in which you’ll be able to pick from the best materials in the world for the design team to create personalized furniture, tablecloths, upholstery and decoration for your latest building project. Be it on land, or a plane in the skies, or a yacht rocking with the tide of the bay, you can be sure that your idea could not be in better hands.

Sabrina Monte Carlo works constantly with other brands and luxury items producers to bring you the utmost exclusivity, and this 2021 they present your table with a handsome tableware collection in collaboration with J.L Coquet: Hémisphère Turquoise. As its name states, the plates, saucers, cups, bowls and teapot in the collection are adorned by fresh turquoise strips over white porcelain, radiating with the gleam of the Mediterranean. You’ll find them in Monaco in one of Sabrina de Monte Carlo’s many specialized boutiques on the avenue Princesse Grace, and don´t hesitate to contact them via their website or their online store: the perfect luxury awaits just a click away.

Photos: Yvan Grubski.

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