There are times when creative minds seek out inspiration from the land and the sea and find themselves enchanted by what the two realms have to offer. Alain Ducasse is no exception, as the French Riviera’s vibrant colours and breathtaking scenery have touched his heart so deeply that he now seeks to showcase these feelings through the haute cuisine offered at Le Louis XV, the first ever hotel restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars.

With profound respect for the abundant nature of this sun-kissed land, the menu changes seasonally to allow the fresh produce’s authentic flavours to shine brightly in each plate. Chefs Dominique Lory and Alain Ducasse present a contemporary and youthful take of age-old traditions in their creations, paying tribute to the nobility of the ingredients in the process. Quality of produce is instrumentally important to the restaurant, so much so that all ingredients are locally sourced from farmers and fishermen who share its philosophy of admiration for nature.

Presentation and visual flare are no less momentous for Le Louis XV. As an example, their famous amuse-bouche features five distinct types of fish, each accompanied by their own carefully selected condiment, that are then placed on a copper plate containing heated pebbles that reach 150 degrees Celcius. The dish is covered by a glass dome, which the waiter lifts and pours lemon broth over, to immediately cover it again. The guests can then enjoy listening to the crackling of the broth over the stones while watching as the lid fills with the produced steam.

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Head sommelier Noël Bajor provides a wide variety of wines to accompany the dishes depending on three different classifications: the Season, the Moment, and the Legacy. The first list, as the name suggests, changes seasonally to reflect the current weather period and sustainable grape production. The Moment list serves vintage wines at the precise instant in their maturing process, allowing them to be savoured as intended. And last but not least, the Legacy presents resources from the famous Société des Bains de Mer wine cellar, with an impressive selection of wines.

The interior design, created by Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku is an ode to the Riviera’s art de vivre, creating an utopia of happiness where French gilding and fresco dance in a new contemporary dimension. A 7 meters diameter chandelier hangs above the dining room, reminiscent of the delicate glow of fireflies, which, in combination with the dramatic quality of the space, invite the guests into a wonderful, joyful unity.

Take in the strength and truth of the richness of the land and the sea in the restaurant’s cuisine. Let yourself be elevated into the haven created by Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris and experience the best the French Riviera has to offer in the delicate yet masterful gastronomical creations.

Photos: © Pierre Monetta

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