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Traditions are constantly renewing themselves, and they are frequently what can make the difference between a common life and an extraordinary experience. Though handwriting may appear to be in disuse in modern times, in reality it has evolved into something that is done for special occasions: the celebration of a contract, the signing of a certificate, a wedding, and similar but equally important successes. It is for these unforgettable moments thar Montblanc, leader in the creation of luxury writing tools, profiles itself as an ideal companion. And, among its many product lines, the Patron of the Art is always the jewel that stands out.

The Patron of the Art are an ode to historical characters that have stood out for their contributions to the artistic world, without necessarily being artists themselves. It rather focuses on great figures that supported artists, and creates, with their essence, excellent writing instruments that reflect the personality and historical importance of each patron.

In this occasion, Patron of the Art takes homage to Napoleon Bonaparte and brings three limited editions dedicated to the memory of this French emperor that took Paris and France to glory. Bonaparte headed the revival of decorative art in France, marking with his rule the “Gold era of French artisanal work”. A big fan of the neoclassical style, he always favoured Greek and roman influences, commissioning artists, artisans, and architects with creating the Imperial style. Said style was replicated in the church of Madeleine and in the Arch of Triumph. Montblanc returns to this geometrical, pure style to tell the story of Napoleon Bonaparte in a precise, innovative way.


Inspired in Napoleon’s uniform, the body and cap are of a lacquered dark blue that echoes the throne hall of the palace of Fontainebleau. Engraved in the body one can find golden bees, symbol of immortality, and is also a link to the very first sovereign family of France. The cap is decorated with Napoleon’s crowning insignia, that includes the laurel, the imperial crown, and an eagle, that encircles the Montblanc emblem. The cap’s ring presents a neoclassical column design, while the engravings of the plaque represent the already mentioned Napoleonic bee and the Egyptian palm. The body’s details are made in gold plaque, while the nib is made in sold gold Au 750. The base is embossed with a golden coin with the emperor’s portrait, and the cap’s clip hosts a red stone.


This edition honours Napoleon’s time as consul, with platinum-plaque finishes and a cover of solid yellow gold Au 750 in all the body and the pen’s cap. The base is made of a precious blue lacquer, inspired on the columns of the Vendôme in Paris, while the solid gold is engraved with oak and olive leaves, as well as the emblematic bee, all elements of the uniform of the consul, the French academy, and the Royal House. The clip shaped as a sword presents a red garnet with an engraved “N”, and the cap is crowned with the Montblanc emblem in mother-of-pearl. The nib is made of solid gold with a ruthenium plate, and the pen is crowned with the portrait of Napoleon, plated in platinum.


The most exclusive edition, with only 92 pieces, commemorates the consecration of the Vendôme column as a historical monument in 1992. Made from solid gold Au 750, it celebrates the crowning with its red jaspers over a golden net, a pattern directly taken from the Imperial style. The solid-gold cap is decorated with a hand-engraved bee of solid white gold, surrounded by stars. The Montblanc emblem in mother-of-peal crowns the cap, while the clip is embedded with a red garnet. The solid gold nib is decorated with the engraving of a Napoleon’s crowning sword, a symbol of absolute power.

Montblanc is a synonym with excellence and design, and the Patron of the Art editions are the most luxurious and exclusive pieces produced by the Maison. Ideal for elevating each writing experience to its utmost level, each element of the Homage to Napoleon Bonaparte collection is thought to be a symbol of elegance, power, and sophistication.

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