With her grandmother’s teachings on the benefits for the wellbeing and aesthetics found in the Austrian wild alp plants, Susanne Kaufmann created her homonym brand and in 2003 she launched her first facial and body product line based on organic ingredients and sustainable technologies. With a null environmental impact, Kaufmann combines the latest scientific discoveries with natural active ingredients to create delicate products that ensure the best results for the user’s skin.

Kaufmann presents her signature treatment called the Pollution Skin Defence System, with a varying duration between 3 and 15 days. With powerful serums containing concentrated vitamin C, ectoin and Q10, the treatment offers the skin a prime protection against free radicals and environmental pollution, helping in maintaining a youthful and healthy aspect. Vitamin C, when applied directly to the skin, has impressive antioxidant properties, and this serum contains big quantities of it, creating the ideal conditions for the best results. The serum also stimulates the skin’s natural defences, favours the natural detoxification processes, and helps keep the skin uniformly coloured. This is achieved through the use of Schisandra, a Chinese plant with revitalizing properties and vitamins A and B.

The Ectoin serum is a natural active element that protects the skin from the environmental factors and helps prevent damage that can result in premature aging. For the best results, complement with the Q10 serum, which helps restore the equilibrium and protects the skin from stress and stimulates renewal of skin cells and collagen.


Each serum is applied after the usual cleaning routine. Apply the serum directly with the hands and let act. Follow the procedure for three consecutive days. 

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