The world of fashion and luxury is under constant change and renovation, which can make it difficult to find an accessory to wear for longer than a couple of seasons without looking out of date. This is especially complicated when shopping for someone else. It is important to consider timeless options that can work in any season and are independent from tendencies and fads. Here we present the five items that are sure to please anyone and make a perfect gift for any occasion, and even better, they can be used yearlong without fear of looking out of fashion.

In fashion, one can find different elements to complement the style of any individual. One such timeless accessory are hats, ideal to use in formal, casual, and informal settings, as they differentiate any outfit on a whim.  The most relevant detail for their versatility is their design, and a brand that offers an impressive range of different designs is the California-based Nick Fouquet, with iconic pieces of bohemian essence that elevate any look.

Ephemeral and consumable gifts are always well received and are unlikely to miss. Among this, the Louis XIII by Remy Martin, considered the world’s best cognac, stands out. The youngest distillate in the Louis XIII productions amounts to 40 years in French oak barrels, and the oldest distillates go up to 100 years. The grapes used in its concoction come from Grande Champagne in Cognac, and as such, convey great quality, several aromatic layers, and an authentic appellation of origin.

Directed by Ariadna Soto, the homonym Mexican brand creates high-end footwear where personalization is key. Customers can choose the model, leather type, and colour, to create a unique piece of high quality and durability. All designs are tailor-made and assure they fit right into the customer’s style.

Jewellery of simple design Is a safe bet if it doesn’t rely on any particular trend. A refined and distinct approach to jewellery is offered by Varon, whose pieces and concepts are contemporary and iconic. Bound to become an instant classic, their designs are ideal for any season and style.

Xinú, meaning “nose” in the indigenous otomí language, elevates aromas in its perfumes, creating uniquely Mexican essences. The ideal gift for gentlemen looking to be distinguished in all aspects, the Xinú fragrances include cempasuchil essence, vanilla and agave, a mix for those daring to be different and sophisticated. 

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