A key consideration when choosing an outfit is to be dressed accordingly to the atmospheric conditions around us. Our fashion changes with each season and our clothes need to adapt to climate and temperature, opting for looser and lighter fabrics in spring and summer, and heavier, cosier ones in fall and winter. Here are some basic clothes that must never miss in your wardrobe, as they will help your style shine effortlessly in these colder months.


A very versatile option are turtleneck sweaters, which can be used in all types of occasions, from the most formal to casual ones. For a relaxed outfit you may pair a solid colour turtleneck sweater with jeans and shoes, boots, or snickers according to your personal brand. For a business casual approach it is a good idea to match the sweater with dress trousers and shoes, even adding a light blazer on top.


For colder outings, long and short overcoats will be a handy piece, as they are mostly timeless and can complement a look in any season. This piece is easy to wear and can easily be used in both formal and casual events, depending on colour, material and finish, which are the elements that will dictate when to use them.


A transition piece, parkas are usually worn between summer and fall, and are often worn on an everyday basis, since they are easy to pair in any outfit. Most parkas bare solid colours, and can complement a formal or casual style. There are few considerations when picking the ideal parka, the most important one being that it adapts to your needs and style. An immense variety is available, ranging from lighter fabrics to heavier ones for the winter, and even waterproof materials for rainy days.


Formal events require a specific dress code and it should evolve with the seasons. For the fall-winter period, these ensembles can vary widely, employing velvet, flannel, wool, or a mix of many other materials. It is important to know where and when to wear each option, for example, for anyone who needs to wear them on a daily basis the ideal choice is a wool and cashmere outfit in solid colours. If you sport a more extroverted personality, wool in different patterns such as stripes, checkers and fantasy prints can be found. For the most formal occasions, a black, green, burgundy or blue velvet suit is sure to make an impression.

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