One of the most mesmerizing natural phenomena is, without a doubt, the rainbow. The visage of a line of colour suspended in the air is a mysterious and marvellous sight. This is the inspiration behind Spirit of Big Bang, Hublot’s bet for the beginning of 2020, a new step for the luxury watchmaking brand. The embodiment of peace, joy and optimism that the rainbow evokes as it rises in the skies, this is the best representation of a new dawn for watchmaking excellency.

In its 39- and 42-mm versions, this watch augurs happiness to whoever wears it. The full chromatic spectrum of light is represented in an array of precious stones that shine and immortalize the ephemeral nature of the rainbow in a permanent monument of crystal and luxury. The boxes of both models are crafted with 18 karat King Gold, crowned by a circle completely made of precious bevelled stones. In the 42 mm edition the inner workings of the watch are fully visible, surrounded by the hours, set with 89 gems, visible bellow the 54 precious stones on the bevel. On the 39 mm edition, the whole sphere is covered in over 430 stones including sapphire, rubies, topaz tsavorites and amethysts, in a precious parade of colour continued from the 62 stones on the bevel.

Both editions are paired with caiman leather straps, specially treated to showcase the colours. This edition is directly inspired by the Big Bang collection by Hublot, a wink towards extreme luxury. Both also feature the HUB4700 machinery, created by Hublot and considered one of the best clockwork mechanisms in the world.

True Alchemists of the modern world, the concept of the Art of Fusion is the motor behind Hublot, currently directed by the visionary Ricardo Guadalupe. This Spirit of Big Band edition reiterates the Big Bang edition first published in 2005 by the swiss watchmaking maison. This is the definitive edition by Hublot so far, the epitome of luxury and beauty in the shape of a watch, the ideal complement for the modern gentleman. A multicolour reflection of hope for a new world, transfigured for personal action as the result of spiritual and physical alchemy.

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