Nowadays, there is an immense array of hairstyling products aimed towards males. However, depending on each type of hair, different specific needs emerge, including fixation level, volume and finish. Here we enlist some of these factors to help determine which best suits your own necessities.

Three main categories can be named regarding hair products: sprays, gels and paste.

Sprays tend to offer the most variety when it comes to fixation levels. For example, traditional hair sprays, the oldest in the category, create a thin layer over the hair that prevents it from moving at all. However, this also means a completely rigid hair and most sprays leave a residue behind after some time. Newer technologies allow to fixate the hair correctly without stiffening the hair strands and leaving no residue behind.

The best way to apply the spray is to coat the hair once it’s completely dry, and right after the combing or styling has finished. Certain sprays may be used on damp hair, allowing it to be styled using a blow dryer and comb, offering extra texture. While some select sprays are used with the sole purpose of adding shine to the style, they are usually recommended for thinner hair, for elaborate structured hairdos and to bring additional volume.

 Pastes can be further classified into three subcategories: wax, ointment and clay, each with their own unique characteristics and their specific usage conditions. Wax, for example, can be both oil-based and water-based. Oil base usually contains beeswax and offers a greater volume, while both types are recommended for men with abundant hair and offer a shiny finish and varying levels of fixation. Depending on the wax, the best way to apply them is on damp hair or just as it is drying, using the hands to apply and style, integrating a blow dryer if needed.

Ointments are as well based on water or oil, with a greater variety than waxes, with matte or shiny finishes and different specific uses: some control hair while others integrate a technology that allows to control volume depending on how much product is used. Lighter than waxes, they can be used on any kind of hair style. Applying them is easy, just like wax, with the additional need of rubbing the, between the hands to create friction and heat the ointment up, allowing for an easy hair modelling.

Clays are usually made with a water base and offer a matter finish, adding volume and texture. They are ideal for a casual style without much structure or specialized care to the hairdo.

Finally, gels are all water based and help style the hair but offer less movement and texture than wax. They work similarly to a resin, applying them while wet and drying off on top of the hair, with a stiffer finish. Certain gel types can also be styled without leaving a residue behind.

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