No matter the season, only three basic garments are needed to keep you up to date with tendencies. Regardless of your personal style, these are must-haves in your closet.


One of the most versatile items and the top colors for every occasion come together for a thousand different outfits, ranging from casual settings to much more sophisticated outings.

Black and white is a combo sure to never fail, yet the success in pulling the outfit off relies in the fit for the shirt and trousers. The best option is always slim fit, getting rid of excess cloth and stabilizing any silhouette. This simple garment can also aide if you wish to experiment with texture and fittings for the rest of the outfit.


Much more than a simple accessory for the everyday rockstar, leather jackets are for everyone, the differentiating factor being how you wear it.

Almost any outfit, from the elegant to the casual, will benefit greatly from this garment, upping any look. An easy way to mix and match leather is with jeans and a simple shirt in neutral colors. However, such a versatile complement can help in taking risks and making you the center stage by using different textures, bold colors and materials. A good leather jacket will always boost all other elements in the outfit.


Many underestimate the importance of the versatile blazer in any outfit. It is not necessary to aim for a fully formal look to use this article, as it can adapt to any style.

Jeans, a shirt in neutral tones and tennis shoes is a safe causal choice for those who do not enjoy formal dress. For the venturous, new tendencies favor bold colors and oversized fits and are necessary if you pretend to go beyond traditional dress.


More than a single pair of jeans is needed in your wardrobe, no matter if they feature a classic fit, ripped legs, black color or just a simple denim trouser, jeans are the perfect ally to save you in any and all occasions and achieve a great look with little effort. Never mind your personal style, from the edgiest outfits to the classic and casual, there is a pair of jeans to perfectly match your dressing choices.

Combined with t-shirts, dress shirts, blazers or any other garment, jeans are sure to make you look good. However, true success lies in the trousers’ fit, regardless of it being regular, skinny or slim; the point is for it to fit your body. A good fit without creases, the right size and length are all details, which will make the difference and elevate your outfit.


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