“I’ve always seen my brand as a lifestyle […] I think people conceive Kris Goyri as a whole universe”

Luxury, simplicity and sophistication are the defining factors for rising designer Kris Goyri and his brand. Always searching for a fresh, elegant and sensual proposal, the Mexican designer recently presented his newest adventure: a menswear line.

Born in Mexico City, Kris Goyri is heavily influenced by his family history, learning to sew with his great-grandmother, whose patterns, cloths, and designs are still present in his latest works. Profiling himself as an emerging talent, he demonstrated his ability by winning the Elle Mexico Diseña contest, directed by Sara Galindo. His career was then propelled forward with a wide array of creations for women.

Highly empiric, Goyri’s inspiration comes from everyday, mundane places such as color and architecture, but also from more eccentric sources: tarahumara womenswear and visual artists. However, more recently Goyri has found himself immersed in a prehispanic aura, taking from ancient Tenochtitlan, the capital city of the Aztec Empire of old, and Mictlan, the pre-Columbian realm of the dead, to crate his new style and designs through abstracted elements.

Goyri’s most recent collection, Balam, takes the jaguar as an inspiration and feeds from the Mayan culture surrounding the sacred animal, its visual representations, and the archeological site known as Ek Balam or “star-jaguar”. Silhouettes of clean and geometric cut, wide volumes and prominent textures along with a neutral color palette compose this new collection, highlighting certain key elements in deep green, vibrant cobalt blue and shining metallic finishes.

Ten unique menswear designs complement Kris Goyri’s Spring-Summer 2020 collection, marking the beginning of a new line for the brand, and exploring a new proposal for men looking for clothing out of the ordinary.

Ample contours and classic, simple silhouettes prevail, matching unconventional materials for menswear to create a collection sure to please the most adventurous of gentlemen. Loose pants in a raw white color and fluid, floaty shirts made of silk combine with different proportions and ratios to freshen the look and build a summery image, which escapes the traditional tailor suit.

Outstanding in every way is a deep cobalt blue ensemble, shining bright among the other pieces with its satin silk construction. Vaporous and loose, other dress shirts mix and match asymmetric cuts and long falls with their soft cotton fabrics to remind us of the Mayan jungle, its aestival vibe for those who enjoy a day at the beach.

As a finishing touch, Kris Goyri explores new and uncharted territory in high couture for men: the last three outfits in the collection are perhaps the most experimental of all. Focused on tailor cuts, the overcoats envelop the body like a second skin of fine fabric. The combination of different colors and styles come from the alternative scene to forge a new, refined image. Created for men who want to differentiate themselves from the bulk with a distinctive and minimalist touch without losing the classic, stylish demeanor, Kris Goyri presents the perfect bet to build this new identity.On the eve of its tenth anniversary, the Kris Goyri brand looks forward to creating new collections, revisiting its core DNA. Reconstructing classical elements such as colors, cuts and special details will be the key guiding factors in future designs, with the added thrill of renovating his style with the new masculine proposals born from the Balam collection. It is only a matter of time before new ideas come from the young Mexican designer, shaking the world of high couture.

Photos: Max Sámano and courtesy.

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