Nowadays, it is more important than ever to take good care of the skin.

The looks of our skin tell a lot about who we are, our habits, and hygiene, and we always want to project ourselves as healthy and well-off individuals.

Today we can find an extensive variety of products and services to help our skin shine.

What does a man need on his skin?

A gentleman need a soft, shiny skin, healthy and of good, plump color. This will always make us seem healthier and distinguished.

A basic modern skincare ritual should include:

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Wash the skin first, with Dermalogica daily cleansers and Port phase 1 face-all wash, both of which foam up and contain surfactant. Cleaning creams by Schăf to apply while bathing, which do not foam, are sulfate-free and which just leave a natural protective film upon the skin and remove impurities.

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Immediately after the wash, skin exfoliation is recommended either once a week or every three days. Natural options with biodegradable microparticles are the best option for taking care of both our skin and the environment. Humectant crème and sunscreen are to be applied right after.

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It is important to consider the quality of the air around us. Cities with suspended particles and high pollution levels make it specially difficult to maintain a clean cutis, since these particles adhere easily to our skin. Washing the skin in the morning and evening is mandatory in urban environments, always concluding with hydrating body lotion.

It is also important to select lotions and creams only after a diagnosis by a certified dermatologist in order to determine the specific conditions, skin type, or specific needs for you.

Lastly, to finish and fully benefit the skin, a facial treatment at least once each three months is optimal. Skin type will determine the frequency and type of treatment, and it is a great complement for the best result possible.

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Photos: Erik López.

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