Amidst one of the trendiest and most visited burrows of Mexico City lies Colonia Juárez, between Marsella and Liverpool street we can find number 77 of Havre street, home to a distinguished French restaurant that will transform any occasion in a comfort experience for its guests.

Havre 77 promises a Parisian atmosphere starting at the foyer, where you’ll be able to perceive the delicious smells that come from the kitchen in a warm and homely environment. 

Also, for those who prefer the delicacies of a cold bar, Havre 77 counts with a seafood bar where they’ll be able to enjoy a delicious dish with an extraordinary cocktail.

Designed to resemble a classic French brasserie the restaurant is located in a colonial house with balconies in ivory color, with zinc bars and pink ornaments, The beauty in the design from famous Charles de Lisle makes the interior a place for tranquility and comfort, Parisian style with first class service.

Chef Eduardo García, the owner, who never thought of opening a third restaurant after his two big hits: Maximo Bistrot and Lalo! is fulfilling a dream that started the first time he touched a knife as a cook, at Le Bernardin, in New York. After his trajectory at Pujol, he launches Havre 77 his third gastronomic project along with his wife Gabriela López.

The menu guarantees exquisite flavors and promises top quality ingredients for every dish. Chef García constructs a variety of delicious flavors that will bring pleasure in every bite. 

As first course, the menu offers some classical French plates such as onion soup or the famous foie gras. Second course offers other traditional varieties such as frog legs and fish á la Meunière. If you want to taste a characteristic dish, mussels with hollandaise sauce is your best bet, with a soft buttery taste that will remain in the palate. For those who look for something sweeter there are several dessert options, from a fig mille-feuille to a classic crème brûlée.

Address: Havre 77, Juárez. Mexico City.

Photos: Max Sámano.

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