Located in 42 Orizaba St. in Roma neighborhood in Mexico City, you’ll find an authentic Italian approach that is not a cliché with contemporary components like simplicity, without too many elements on the table, and an experience for all your senses.

Chef Marco Carboni was born in the south of Italy, in Modena, by the age of 20 he moved to London and, without having any gastronomic knowledge, he began cooking and decided to devote himself to it. After being a part of the kitchens of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Massimo Bottura, he decided to go back to Mexico without knowing that his own restaurant would be the new hotspot in Roma neighborhood.

The tailor’s shop or “sartoria” in Italian, is a restaurant with Italian essence, only a little bit more elegant and minimalistic; the atmosphere of the place, the people are great, there’s creativity, research, and food that is easy but without losing quality, as in the end the customer must receive something that is not complicated.

Marco Carboni’s food is contemporary Italian and creating the dishes involves different components that are historical, from family recipes, from Italian regions, and Carboni’s gastronomic taste. For this reason, one of the main elements is the Parmigiano Reggiano, as it “has sentimental value and there’s not a single moment where I’m not eating it or it’s not with me, the flavor reminds me of home”.

“Cooking means to nurture yourself, nurture your spirit and others, since what I serve is not only a dish, it has a deeper meaning, there are many cultures behind it, it has been passed on for generations, it has historic stories, manipulations, traditions; it really is condensed culture”.

Sartoria pays tribute to Italy with a wide wine list that represents Italian diversity by having more than 100 wines, and to crafts by fusing Mexican products, like in the dish named “¿Es tamal o está mal? (Is it a tamal or is it wrong?)”, which is an hoja santa soufflé cooked in banana leaves combined with spices, parmigiano foam, ricotta, and drops of balsamic vinegar. Also, another option in the menu is the garganelli with Parma prosciutto and asparagus; aside from fresh pasta, another alternative would be wagyu picanha tagliata with smoked mashed potatoes from Oaxaca, rosemary oil, and season veggies.

In a short period of time, Sartoria has become one of the hotspots in Mexico City and, soon, a classic, and a place known for its real Italian essence in Roma, as it is the perfect place for sharing without the formality, and with flavors that transport us to Italy.

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