Amidst an exquisite atmosphere created by the combination of music, architecture and location emerges SUD 777. In a setting reminiscing the golden years of “El Pedregal”in the south of Mexico City the restaurant mixes open and intimate spaces in a lounge ambient filled with jazz music and an eclectic atmosphere. The architecture includes: slopes, terraces, water mirrors, and plants that immerse guests in a full sensory experience. SUD 777 has been listed in the prestigious San Pellegrino Guide “Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants” for several years.


Chef Edgar Nuñez, member of ACADEMIE CULINAIRE DE FRANCE and Colectivo Mexicano de Cocina A.C. is Chef co-owner of SUD 777. He started the concept 10 years ago as an outlet of fine European cuisine. Through the years, the concept of his restaurant has grown and evolved to become a 100% Mexican and seasonal contemporary restaurant. In his own terms: “The cuisine is not static, it has to evolve, what was eaten before is not eaten now, what was looked for before is not what is looked for now”. His catharsis in cuisine was 5 years ago, when he opted for breaking with his European style cooking and began exploring a new Mexican contemporary cuisine.

Nuñez also opened Comedor Jacinta, under the same philosophy, upgrading the traditional Mexican flavors with top quality ingredients and better cooking techniques.

Chef Nuñez on his own words: “I’m a very disciplined person, very methodical and strict, I like everything to be in the right way, I’m-compulsive, I love my job and I dedicate a lot of time to it, where I feel at my best is at the restaurant”.

For Nuñez the rules are clear: to create dishes in a proactive manner, without copying styles, cooking with 100% local ingredients, including respect, care, and the proper techniques for each dish. The process of designing a great menu relies on the precept of cyclic innovation, through obsessive attention to detail and a continuous search for fresh products and their incorporation to create new flavors. His produce is locally grown in Puebla and Oaxaca and some plants are grown by them on Xochimilco and Pedregal. He opts for hormone free animal products and support local farmers across the country.

His cyclic cuisine, involves a careful curation process of his menu, which he changes once a month. In his opinion, the degustation menu is the best choice, since the products that are used for it are in their prime (season and flavor wise).

“The cuisine is not static, it has to evolve, what was eaten before is not eaten now, what was looked for before is not what is looked for now”.

By: Magnolia Eng.

Photos: Erik López Hernández and Courtesy.

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