“A scent is a time capsule. It can invoke our most intimate memories and dreams, and open doors to distant worlds”. Carlos Huber.

Sensibility, shapes, and scents converge in Arquiste, the male and female perfume line by renowned Mexican entrepreneur Carlos Huber, who studied architecture at Universidad Iberoamericana and who currently resides in New York due to his international success.

While he was part of Ralph Lauren’s team located in historic buildings, Huber met Yann Vasnier and Rodrigo Flores-Roux (the only Latin-American perfumer). It was then when Huber discovered the connection between architecture and perfumes, which lies in appreciation, the use of the senses, and playing with different materials to be able to create something with a unique scent and that can also convey a story.

What Huber wants is for his perfumes to evoke the pleasure of our memories. For this reason, his inspiration comes from different experiences, his or even from strangers and places. For example, his inspiration for the new perfume that’s coming out this month for the European and American market, Boutonnière No. 7, was Paris in 1899, in the golden era for dandy men and the story is about “a gardenia in a man’s lapel, a greener gardenia, more photogenic, more natural, and hence, more masculine, less sweet, and wilder”.

Even with the international influence, Huber is still fascinated by Mexico given its rich culture and its colors, the weather, and gastronomy create a sensory experience; he would even like to make a cologne water inspired by the baths taken in viceregal times with certain herbs. However, he comments Mexican consumers are the most reluctant to change and to new national brands.

You can always find Arquiste in the best stores in the best cities and it’s the best-selling brand in high-fashion boutiques in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Paris, England, and New York; Mexico is no exception and we can find the brand in Saks Fifth Avenue proving the excellent quality and great work Huber and his team have achieved in product development and customer relations.

Arquiste is, without a doubt, a sensory experience in which, regardless of your personality, you’ll be able to find a fragrance that is for you, that helps you impregnate your essence in each place you visit and stay in the memory of the people you meet.

By: Daniela Fernández.

Photos: Courtesy.

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