Inside Hacienda Patron, very carefully and meticulously, Patron products are created paying close attention to every step of the process, as they’re known for their thorough and handcrafted production. Understanding every step as art, the dedication to this work starts from harvesting Tequilana Weber blue agave, which involves a green irrigation system by osmosis and where the patience of the jimadores is tested while waiting for complete maturation, which takes around eight years; however, the value of this kind of agave lies in having the ideal amount of sugar for a good tequila.

Experience has been in charge of outlining the methods to achieve an unmatched beverage. After treating and taking care of the agave for almost a decade, expert jimadores work to extract the cone, the heart of the plant, which is cut by hand and then cooked in brick ovens so each cone that goes in reaches the same cooking point; once ready, they are smashed in a Tahona wheel made with volcanic rock and a cylinder mill. Everything is done by hand to ensure the quality of the tequila. Up to this point, the blend that is obtained is fermented for three days, distilled, and set to age for a certain period of time, depending on the type of tequila; if it’s Patron Reposado, two months are enough, but if it’s Patron Añejo, it’s set to age for up to seven years. During this step, patience is key to allow the tequila to reach the exact point for that signature flavor to be distilled.

Tequila is a traditional element, its history takes part in Mexico’s identity and, without a doubt, represents our country worldwide and, as such, deserves to have a container that represents this; for this reason, Mexican craftsmen of the glass industry are in charge of creating and shaping Tequila Patron bottles. Once the drink is bottled, it needs a final touch of elegance and authenticity, which involves a sustainably-manufactured fine Portuguese cork or a gorgeous Lalique French glass stopper.

Each Patron product has unique qualities that identify them, certainly the traits of each one of them provide extraordinary and unparalleled experiences. Gran Patron Piedra has a dark mahogany color that evokes a dry fruit and mushroom smell with a hint of toasted French oak and a complex flavor with a touch of agave, vanilla, and mushrooms. Meanwhile, Gran Patron Burdeos has a dark amber color and smells like Bordeaux wine, which brings hints of oak, vanilla, and grape.

Tequila Patron is made for people who enjoy a good tequila, made entirely with tequila Weber blue agave, achieving just the right equilibrium of flavors that, when savored, remind us of the American and French oak barrels used for aging. Each sip translates into an experience that awakens and captures your senses.

By: Ana Paula Álvarez.

Photos: Courtesy.

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