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Elegance, style, luxury, comfort, and being unique; this and more can be achieved with DanCassab, a 100% Mexican-made brand specialized in leather jackets, tanned and made by Mexican craftsmen; there are garments that will be in your closet forever because they are key pieces you can combine in a formal way or taking chances, as currently men are looking for brands and designers who have proposals with more style and class to look different.

Located in Monte Athos in Mexico City, DanCassab is a unique brand that bets on male design reinventing every piece, like a classic biker jacket with a nice cut, top-quality leather, and with different top coats like metallic or iridescent, or simple details like metal fittings.

The experience goes beyond for the most demanding customers as they have a custom-made service where you can create your own jacket and chose from different types of leather, designs, coats, and details that will make you look different and feel great with an iconic piece.

Wearing a DanCassab jacket means total success, standing out, and wearing a garment that will feel like a second skin. This Mexican brand pushes the envelope to become a male classic.

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