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To talk about male fashion is a synonym for options and limited approaches or unoriginal garments. However, nowadays Galo Bertin, a Mexican designer who 6 years ago decided to dedicate himself to male fashion and “I transformed the best moment of my life in a lifestyle”, commented Galo Bertin.

GALO BERTIN, with his homonymous brand, has devoted himself to adding that more relaxed, contemporary, and different touch to formal clothing, which at the same time maintains the elegant side of tailoring, since ultimately everyone wants to look better. Also, having an approach based on colors, fabrics, patterns, embroidery, and all those elements that make a garment more fun.

“Transform the best moment of your life in a lifestyle”.

One of the main goals he has been working on is for male fashion no to be considered a taboo subject, because “Fashion is not about knowing about brands, designers, trends. Fashion is buying in your favorite store and transforming that to your personality, reinterpreting what the designer or the brand wants to do with you”; that’s GALO BERTIN’s vision.

GALO BERTIN is for those who are tired of looking boring or looking like everyone else and want to feel different, and for those who like taking risks, since his design options are created for you to put together a suit, an outfit, or take just one piece given the versatility of the collections, which allow you to play with every classical garment and reach a level of sophistication or relaxed outfits with a touch of elegance.

As well, “For any man, what matters when they consume fashion, is that they feel good about themselves, that they look great, step out of their comfort zone, and transform in to the best version of themselves, that’s what fashion is for”.

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