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When I hear “Louis Vuitton”, the famous LV monogram that distinguishes the French Maison comes to my mind, also those iconic trunks that inspired the brand in its early years; Louis Vuitton evokes this influence in its five new fragrances for gentlemen.

Perfumer Jacques Cavallier was in charge of defining male identity based on scents that pay tribute to masculinity and to the male traveler who is in a path of self-discovery and the olfactory memory that stays with anyone who smells the new fragrances of the iconic French brand.

Specific elements from different countries, among which citrus fields in Calabria, sandalwood from Sri Lanka, and oud assam from Bangladesh stand out, are some aromas of the five fragrances that stand out by creating specific sensations for each gentleman.

Nouveau Monde, Orage, Sur la Route, and Au Hasard are the scents that represent Louis Vuitton’s male DNA, which are complemented by Marc Newson’s minimalism, creating a clear bottle with a black flap that stands out, with engraved logo and name, which transports us in a sensory experience beyond a simple accessory. Also, they help create awareness among gentlemen, as they can take the bottles to the store for refilling, reducing the environmental impact.

L’Immensité: Takes us in an internal journey and onto a new path. A fresh, penetrating, powerful, and sensual scent with a touch of ginger.

Nouveau Monde: Perfect for escaping from the daily routine, without pretensions. The fusion of cacao, oud assam, and saffron with the skin creates an amazing woody smell.

Orage: Focused on nature and the human fragility paradox created by the union of patchouli and bergamot, the result is a woody and striking smell.

Sur la Route: An unpretentious scent that goes with every occasion, with a touch of energy and lemon, bergamot, and cedar.

Au Hasard: A fragrance that amazes by being amorphous and for its exquisite sensuality of light fruit and sandal hints, perfect for those who like adventure and follow their instincts, not reason.

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