Guadalajara is one of the most visited cities in the State of Jalisco, a travel destination with culture, folklore, traditions, and a cosmopolitan touch known in the country as the Pearl of the West or Perla Tapatia. You can also find the best hotels, like Casa Fayette, the best food, led by Hueso Restaurant, and the best fashion brands, like Olmos y Flores; all these come together to highlight Mexico’s luxury and sophistication.

Where to stay: CASA FAYETTE

Architecture, art, design, and fashion are perfectly combined in Casa Fayette, one of the hotels by Grupo Habita, where juxtaposed but complementary spaces are present in the 40’s-inspired interior décor created by Dimore Studio. Located in one of the most cosmopolitan areas in Guadalajara, Lafayette, Casa Fayette has a tower with 37 art deco-inspired rooms complemented with white walls.

There are two individual structures: the house with a restaurant, lobby, and bar, and a tower with thirty-seven rooms, suites, and a spa; these structures come together as one space without the feeling of separation, while having their own personality. The Patio Bar keeps the harmony between the two spaces with an atmosphere ideal for business, pleasure, and social life.


Located in Lafayette, behind a façade with white tiles and a small sign we find Hueso Restaurant, inaugurated in 2014. Juan Manuel Monteon and chef Alfonso Cadena created a new gastronomy and design concept in Guadalajara that quickly became a classic.

10,000 animal bones cover the wall of the first room when you enter, all of them set harmoniously over a white background. Also, as part of the bold décor, we find a wooden table for 54 people right in the middle of the house and in front of the open kitchen, waiting for diners to sit side by side with the objective of making them speak to each other and share the experience.

The menu at Hueso is constantly changing, it varies according to the season’s fruits as well as the weather, but always using the best ingredients, which is essential. Some of the dishes are mussels in beef stock, grilled ribs, marrow and scallops, and a corn ice cream for dessert. To complement the menu, the mixology created by Monteon includes Mexican craft beers, biodynamic wines, and delicious cocktails like agave sour, or some pre hispanic drinks like tejuino and tepache which are the main ingredients in some of the evolving cocktails.

Hueso goes beyond a design and interior décor experience; the most important thing is to enjoy good food; also, as Alfonso Cadena mentions, “we’re not trying to be innovative, we just want people to feel great”. For this, Hueso is an icon for foodies in Guadalajara.


The union of Ali Daniel Flores and Victor Olmos’ last names represent one of the Mexican fashion brands born in Guadalajara that joins commercial and experimental concepts. Also, throughout 6 years, this has meant consumers don’t only purchase a piece of fabric, but a fusion of concepts and stories with a unique identity.

Olmos y Flores comes from the need to evolve the vision and aesthetics of men and women in Mexico, who know what they want and where they’re going, risk takers who want to be different and are looking for a new fashion alternative. This Mexican fashion brand creates a different character within a story, taking fashion to another level without losing the commercial vision.

With quality, design, and a new concept in the Mexican fashion world, Olmos y Flores is looking to become a classic and a benchmark for people who appreciate fashion with vision beyond immediate consumption, one that raises awareness of a product that tells a story and that can be identified by a garment or the general concept.

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